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Course Transcript Questions The Answer to Question 1 is found in Section 1 of the Course Content... and so on. Select correct answer from below. Place letter on the blank line before the corresponding question. Do not add any spaces.

1. What is an example of gender-role conflict specific to loss of relationship power?
2. What are two forms of psychological abuse that your client may experience in a relationship?
3. What are ways shame can be used to maintain control in a relationship?
4. What are three steps in increasing your client's awareness of verbal aggression related to intimate partner violence?
5. What are three techniques regarding the client’sJekyll-and-Hyde frame of reference?
6. What are forms of coercion in an abusive relationship?

A. Loss of decision making regarding: Finances? Pregnancy? Even how much and what food they eat?
B. Recognizable, "abusive partner" may use eloquent-sounding words, or jargon, or academia, or trendy words to sound superior, and
treating a partner like he or she is a child.
C. Used comment in a session as the springboard, increase awareness, after expanding and exploring Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde description.
D.Isolation, focus on the batterer's potential anger, exhaustion, dependency, feelings of incompetence, threats, occasional indulgences, demonstration of superiority or power, degradation and humiliation, and enforcing trivial demands.
E. Can't-You-Take-a-Joke, Betrayal-of-a-Confidence tactics, and abusive partner control tactic.
F. I am Perfect and Name-Calling

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