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Steps to receive a Continuing Education Certificate for this Course

Step #1 - Read Section 1 then Answer Question 1. Question 1 is located at the end of Section 1. Then, click on the Test link found at the end of Section 1 to answer question 1. Read Section 2. Answer question 2 and so on.

Step #2 - After completing and scoring the Test a Certificate granting 10 CE credits is issued to you. Coordinating Instructor: Tracy Appleton, LCSW, MEd

Course Transcripts:
Section 1 & Question 1
--Behavioral Paralysis, Delusions, Screwed-Up & the 'Just Good      News' Exercise
Section 2 & Question 2
--'I’m easy and dirty!' - Tools for Treating the 'Born Loser' with a Guilt      List
Section 3 & Question 3
--Self-Punitiveness, Heavy Drinking, & a Destructive Judgment      Journal
Section 4 & Question 4
--'You are nothing!' - Effectively Treating Inferiority and 'Being God'
Section 5 & Question 5
--Helping Clients overcome the Standard of 'Being Number One' &      Vulnerability with Mantras
Section 6 & Question 6
--Depression... The Hanging Judge

Section 7 & Question 7
--'I completely ruined her birthday!' - How to Overcome Shame with      Penance and Meditation
Section 8 & Question 8

--Low-Power Positions, 'Shot Down,' and Negative Notecards
Section 9 & Question 9

--'Irreparably Damaged' - Helping Clients Reach Three Self-Critical      Goals
Section 10 & Question 10

--Tools for Teaching Clients to Follow the 'Guiding Star'
Section 11 & Question 11

--'I should just lay down and die!' - Exploring Masochism
Section 12 & Question 12

--Using Positive Reassurance with 'Loss of Control' & the 'Guilty as      Charged' Mentality
Section 13 & Question 13

--Understanding the Dynamics of Ambivalence to Strengthen the      'Urge to Resist'
Section 14 & Question 14
--Helping Clients Learn to 'Let it Slide' with the 'Nasty Thermostat'
Course Articles:

Section 15 & Question 15
--An Evolutionary Perspective of the Origins of Self-Criticism and      Depression
Section 16 & Question 16
--Self-Criticism, Depression, and Personality
Section 17 & Question 17
--Potential Foundations for Self-Criticism in Individuals
Section 18 & Question 18
--Self-Criticism Coping Technique: Compassionate Mind Training      (CMT)
Section 19 & Question 19

--Vulnerability’s Ties to Self-Criticism and Depression
Section 20 & Question 20
--Depressive Vulnerability: An Expanded Model
Section 21 & Question 21
--Perfectionism: The Stuff of Which Self-Criticism is Made
Section 22 & Question 22
--Dealing with the Perfectionistic School Child
Section 23 & Question 23
--The NICE Guidelines for Treating Depression
Section 24 & Question 24
--Family Interventions with Depressed Youth
Section 25 & Question 25
--Seeking the Most Effective Treatment for Chronic and Major      Depression – Part 1
Section 26 & Question 26

--Seeking the Most Effective Treatment for Chronic and Major      Depression – Part 2

-- Test --



--What has serotonin to do with depression?

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
--Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Overview and Implications for      School Counselors --Solution-focused therapy - Counseling model for busy family      physicians--Title - TIP 34 Brief Interventions and Brief Therapies for Substance      Abuse
Dream & Depression
--Impact of REM Sleep on Distortions of Self-Concept, Mood and      Memory in Depressed/Anxious Participants
--Sleep Disorders and Depression: Brief Review of the Literature,      Case Report, and Nonpharmacologic Interventions for Depression

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Instructor’s Name & Credentials: Tracy Catherine Appleton, LCSW, MEd, CE Program Administrator, Course Development Coordinator, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a Masters Degree in Education. Ms. Appleton has had experience in developing, providing, and presenting adult education programs since 1979. Expertise in program content: Experience as an Outpatient Therapist and Private Practice.

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When and How Course Completion Certificates will be Awarded: Once you have passed the test with a score of 80% or higher, paid and completed evaluation; log into your User Account and your certificate is available for print or download. Your CE history is maintained in your account.

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