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Course Transcript Questions The answer to Question 1 is found in Track 1 of the Course Content. The Answer to Question 2 is found in Track 2 of the Course Content... and so on. Select correct answer from below. Place letter on the blank line before the corresponding question.

1. What three steps are required for the "Build Up Your Courage Muscles" exercise?
2. What are the three main purposes of anger in the families of addicts?
3. What two powerful life forces control a caretaker?
4. What are the six steps in the 'Setting a Boundary' Exercise?
5. What are the four character defect personality types of family members of addicts?
6. What are the four questions involved in the "Trust Yourself First" Exercise?
According to Werner, what are the three important issues a family must confront to help them obtain treatment?

A. Avoiding the pain caused by an addict’s crisis, and seeking the pleasure of relief when the crisis is averted.
B. To instruct the addict, to keep the addict from hurting himself or others, and to make emotional connections.
C. The caretaker, the perfectionist, the procrastinator, and the rageoholic.
D. Support, a history of success, and a courage talisman.
E. 1, How well do you honor your needs?; 2, when you make promises to yourself, do you keep them?; 3, can you trust yourself to make tough choices?; and 4, do you stand up for yourself when someone steps over your boundaries or acts in inappropriate ways?
F. Identify the person; identify the boundary; identify support; plan to vent; identify the raw-truth; and practice and plan the conversation.
G. The family must acknowledge their denial of the addiction, understand the impact of the substance abuse, and realize that they did not cause the alcoholism, but their behavior can contribute to the disease.

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