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Balancing the Power Dynamic in the Therapeutic Relationship


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Welcome to the Home Study Course entitled "Balancing the Power Dynamic in the Therapeutic Relationship" sponsored by the Healthcare Training Institute. Our primary intent for this course is to provide quality education to foster your professional growth. The Institute has provided quality education since 1979 to thousands nationally and in Canada as well. My name is Tracy Catherine Appleton.

We appreciate the fact you have chosen us as a vehicle for you to earn your Continuing Education Credit. I will be the narrator of this CD. Two co-authors of this course are Jill Daniels and Janel Brush. Jill has community mental health experience, and Janel has been in private practice focusing on marriage counseling.

Let's talk about the format of this CD. For the purpose of brevity most generally I will use the term therapist or mental health professional. However, don't let these terms deter you from applying the concepts to your situations. When you hear the term therapist, if your job title is social worker, marriage and family therapist, psychologist, mental health counselor, resident director, team leader, etc., merely substitute the appropriate term or title that is the most meaningful to you. Also, for the purposes of brevity, I will use the term client. However, transpose this term to the one that is the most meaningful for those you treat, whether it be consumer, patient, resident, etc. The key is not to let my use of these shorthand terms turn you off from the ideas presented by saying, "This doesn't apply to me -- I am a resident assistant or a therapist and I deal with patients, not clients."

Also, regarding completion of your Test, periodically questions are asked regarding the content to which you have just listened. These questions correspond with the questions in your Test. Merely write the correct letter in the blank next to the question. There is nothing tricky or hard about these questions. They are merely intended to verify your playing of this CD. Each question is included on this CD as well as in the Test and sequentially deals with the section that precedes it. For this reason, to facilitate the answering of each question, you might read a question prior to listening to that section. By knowing what the question is ahead of time, you will then know the content to listen for that contains the answer. So if you have the Test handy now, it might be a good idea to read question one and listen for the answer in this next session.

The purpose of the course is to assist you in increasing your self awareness regarding balancing the power dynamic with clients. You will get out of it what you put into it. I challenge you to remold, reshape, and re-examine the information presented to find the gem that will be of value to you for current or future reference. And as you know, balancing power in therapeutic relationships is a continual challenge. You will note the Manual that accompanies this home study course touches on a very wide range of aspects of the client/therapist's relationship. The content of the Manual includes: Empowerment, Professional Codes of Ethics, and CounterTransference.

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