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Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes

By the end of the course, the Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker or Psychologist will be able to:
-Explain a large population with multiple, and often significant risk factors for suicide.
-Discuss two reasons regarding gender as predictor of suicide.
-Discuss two perceptions about male depression.
-Discuss potential pathways to higher rates of male suicide.
-Discuss male dependence and masculinity ideology.
-Discuss two strategies regarding men's coping strategies for depression.
-Discuss three masculine gender role conflict and negative feelings about being gay.
-Discuss a technique regarding gender-sensitive cognitive empathy.
-Discuss three concepts regarding disentangling the effects of genuine self-esteem and narcissism.
-Discuss five techniques regarding relationship satisfaction instability and depression.
-Discuss two techniques regarding men's anger management.

"The instructional level of this course is introductory, intermediate, or advanced depending on the learners clinical area of expertise."