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Appendix - Client Reproducible Worksheets

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Turning Insults Into Compliments
Review Track 2 for more information on this technique.

1. When a bully says something mean, ignore her or him and pretend the bully is saying something nice to you.
2.  If you can’t think of anything else to say, just say ‘Thank you’.
Bully:  "Hey Jeremy!   You have lice!"  
Jeremy: "I didn’t know you cared!" 
Bully:  "I don’t like you, I can’t stand you!" 
Jeremy: "You can’t fool me.  If you didn’t like me, you wouldn’t always bother me!"

Asking Questions
Review Track 3 for more information on this technique.

1.  When a bully says something mean, try to stay calm and get as curious as you can.
2.  Keep asking the bully questions about her or his statements.
Bully: "You sure are ugly!"
Leann: "I guess that’s your opinion.  But why would you want to tell me that?"
Bully:  "Because I don’t like you!"
Leann: "Well, why do you want to talk to me if you don’t like me?  Why don’t you just ignore me?"

Review Track 3 for more information on this technique.

1. Bullies operate by the Rule of Opposites.  If you try to verbally defend yourself, the bully may think he or she has said something important, and increase his or her bullying.
2.  Try to pick something in the bully’s statement you can pretend to agree with. 
Bully: "You’re so lame!"
Leann:  "You mean I’ve been wasting all these years thinking I cool, when I’m actually lame?  Thanks for wising me up!"
3. Or, try agreeing with the possibility the bully may be right.
Leann: "I’ve seen that show before."
Bully:  "No you haven’t, stop trying to act cool.  You’re such a liar!"
Leann: "Well, I thought I had seen it."

Table of Contents