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1. What occurs if a child experiences an extraordinarily frightening event or a situation that harms the physical or emotional well-being of someone close, such as another family member or a friend?
2. What are the following ways traumatic experiences can impair a child's ability to function each day?
3. What are some actions or lack of actions included that may cause Systems-Induced Trauma for the child when traumatic stress is left untreated and further harm is likely to occur?

A. Misidentifying non-compliant behavior.; No referral or follow-through regarding trauma-specific assessment and treatment.; Failure to address ongoing physical and psychological safety needs.; and Placement instability and uncertain permanency, which can involve abrupt, unexplained removals and further compounds the child's traumatic stress.
C. Brain development; Attachment; Emotional regulation; Behavioral regulation; Cognition (learning and school performance); Self-concept; and Social development.

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