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Psychologist Post-Test

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1. What are the four broad types of Medication Errors?
2. What is one reason medical errors are relevant in palliative care?
3. What percent of laboratory errors may have some effect on patient care?
4. What is a treatment error?
5. What are two types of proposed reporting systems?
6. What is a sentinel event?
7. What four special dangers does chemotherapy present?
8. What are Clinician Pharmacologists involved in?
A. Roughly 25–30% of laboratory errors may have some effects on patient care.
Errors in the performance of an operation, procedure, or a test.
C. Knowledge Based Errors, Rule-Based errors, Action-Based errors, and Memory-Based errors
D. An unexpected occurrence that involves death or serious physical or psychological injury, or a risk thereof have unwittingly enabled the addiction.
E. Individuals at end of life are more vulnerable to medical errors
F. They are involved in minimizing adverse drug reactions, medication errors and increasing patient safety.
G. A nation-wide system and a voluntary confidential system localized to each healthcare facility.
H. Many drugs have a narrow therapeutic index; are toxic even at therapeutic dosages; chemotherapy regimens are highly complex; and patients are a vulnerable population with little tolerance

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