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Psychologist Post-Test

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1. How to ensure favorable expert testimony?
2. What are the Stages of Direct Examination of Experts?
3. What are the components utilize when the courtroom communications model provides experts with a conceptual framework?
4. What is often important evidence considered by criminal courts in
determining issues arising throughout the adjudicative process, but not all evidence provided is equally valid or probative?
A. (1) qualifying the witness as an expert; (2) establishing the basis for the opinion; (3) eliciting the opinion; and (4) explaining the opinion.
The testimony of mental health experts.
C. the speaker is the expert, the message
is testimony, and the audience is the judge or jury.
D. The attorney must be certain that the expert understands the legal elements that must be proven in order to win the case and how his or her expert testimony will support this effort.

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