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Laws and Rules: The Answer to Question 1 is found in Section 1 of the Course Content... and so on. Select the correct answer from below. Place a letter on the blank line before the corresponding question.


1. Under what conditions may confidentiality and privileged communication be waived?
2. What was changed in the 2017 regulations in regards to the disclosure of information?
3. What was changed in the 2016 regulations in regards to the duty to notify patients?
4. What would be grounds for discipline, penalties, enforcement?
5. Any officer, employee, or person under contract with the department, or any board therein, or any subject of an investigation shall be prohibited from doing what?
6. For any practitioner who indicates they could assist the department in the event of a natural disaster, what would the practitioner be able to provide?





A. Upon request by a patient, before providing nonemergency medical services in a facility licensed under chapter 395, a health care practitioner shall provide, in writing or by electronic means, a good faith estimate of reasonably anticipated charges to treat the patient’s condition at the facility. The health care practitioner shall provide the estimate to the patient within 7 business days after receiving the request and is not required to adjust the estimate for any potential insurance coverage. The health care practitioner shall inform the patient that the patient may contact his or her health insurer or health maintenance organization for additional information concerning cost-sharing responsibilities. The health care practitioner shall provide information to uninsured patients and insured patients for whom the practitioner is not a network provider or preferred provider which discloses the practitioner’s financial assistance policy, including the application process, payment plans, discounts, or other available assistance, and the practitioner’s charity care policy and collection procedures. Such estimate does not preclude the actual charges from exceeding the estimate. Failure to provide the estimate in accordance with this subsection, without good cause, shall result in disciplinary action against the health care practitioner and a daily fine of $500 until the estimate is provided to the patient. The total fine may not exceed $5,000.
Conveying knowledge or information to any person who is not lawfully entitled to such knowledge or information about any public meeting or public record, which at the time such knowledge or information is conveyed is exempt from the provisions of s. 119.01, s. 119.07(1), or s. 286.011.
(1) Party to a dependent, (2) patient ot client agrees to the waiver, and (3) probability of harm.
D. Health care services in special needs shelters or to help staff disaster medical assistance teams during time of emergency or major disaster, the names of practitioners who answer affirmatively shall be maintained by the department as a health care provider registry for disasters and emergencies.
E. To the Department of Children and Families, its agent, or its contracted entity, for the purpose of investigations of or services for cases of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children or vulnerable adults.
F. Practicing or offering to practice beyond the scope permitted by law or accepting and performing professional responsibilities the licensee knows, or has reason to know, the licensee is not competent to perform.

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