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Appendix - Client Reproducible Worksheets

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Track 1
Frustration Towel Twist

1. Take a standard bath towel, and roll it up into a rope.
2. Take a deep breath.
3. Grasp the towel in both hands, tense your body, and twist the towel tighter and tighter.
4. When the tension in the towel is as strong as you can make it, slowly release the towel, and your breath, making a ‘haaaaa’ sound.
5. Repeat this twisting and release three times.

Track 6
Control Check

1. Write as much as you can about the addict in your life, and to the following questions.
2. In what ways do you think you attempt to control the addict?
3. What ways (mentally, physically, emotionally) are you being controlled by the addict?
4. What will probably happen anyway, even if you try to control the addict’s behavior?
5. How are you benefiting from trying to control the situation?
6. How is the addict benefiting?
7. How effective have your attempts to control the addict’s behavior been?

Track 8
Breathe Out the Old, Breathe in the New

1. Think about what the words ‘old’ and ‘new’ mean to you. For example, new might mean being able to spend a night out with friends.
2. Close your eyes.
3. As you exhale, imagine breathing out an aspect of the ‘old’, for example fear the addict will not come home.
4. As you inhale, imagine breathing in a feeling, sensation, or movement of the ‘new’, such as laughter with friends.
5. Continue repeating this exercise, choosing new aspects for the old and new with each breath, until you feel relaxed.
6. Consider repeating the exercise when you feel uneasy about the changes in your life.

Track 10
Personal Pillow Fight

1. Gather several large, comfortable pillows.
2. Find a room where you can close the door and be uninterrupted. Make a space in the middle of the floor.
3. One at a time, raise each pillow high above your head with your knees bent, thinking of something that makes you tense or angry.
4. Hurl the pillow to the floor, making any noise you feel like, and release your tension into the floor with the pillow.
5. Once you have made a pile of pillows, collapse into the pile. Take some time to cry, or just to relax and strtch out.’

Track 11
The Heavy Burden

1. Visualize your painful memories as a backpack full of rocks. Picture each rock as having a written description of a painful memory.
2.Close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking along a trail, carrying this backpack.
3. See yourself coming to a high cliff. Reach into your backpack and pull out the rocks one at a time.
4. Hurl each rock over the cliff, releasing the memory each describes.
5. Once you have thrown all the rocks, leave the empty backpack by the edge of the cliff.
6. Visualize hiking along the rest of the trail. Notice how different the walk feels without the heavy bag on your back.

Answer Booklet
Table of Contents