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Excellent continuing education material. Recommended this way of getting CE to my daughter, a physical therapist; her husband is an MD."Licensed Clinical Social Worker, AL
--"This was a
positive process of continuing education for me to get my CE's. I will share some of the CE materials with the nine people I supervise (for their benefit)." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, WA
--"The information on bulimic patients and suicide was
fascinating and excellent. Thank You." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, IN
Flexible, effective way to learn continuing education material to fulfill my CE licensure requirement." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, RI
--"This continuing education material is excellent and
very well presented and relevant to working with children." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PA
--"I enjoyed this continuing education course and believe I learned and met my objectives. I am not certain of the amount of time spent. In the future I plan to manage my time differently. All together I am estimating four hours. I listened to the CD more than once and read the booklet two to three times, because the material is so beneficial to my practice" Licensed Clinical Social Worker, TN
--"This was great!" Social Worker (Independent License), OH

Very good CE course, Thanks." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NM
--"The continuing education course was
interesting and thought provoking." Licensed Clinical Social Worker
--"The journaling exercises and audio presentation was particularly
effective." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, TN
--"It was an excellent course. First ethics course I have taken that was interesting and
informative!" Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NH
--"Excellent program!
Glad I "discovered" you folks. I will refer to others." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LA
Very thorough. Lots of good CE ideas!" Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MO
--" I
liked the case examples." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, OH
--"Course was written in a
clear, concise and understandable terms. Very useful to social work!" Licensed Clinical Social Worker, FL
--"The examples and cases were interesting and
helped with understanding concepts." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, OH
--"I liked the
convenience of working at my own pace and being able to read or listen to information more than once. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NC & SC
--"I love the
ease of doing this and the convenience at home, in several segments, in the car on the way to work or on a trip." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, OR
--"As an experienced clinician I found the material to be informative and
useful." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, OR
--"I was
pleasantly surprised at how good this course was." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, IL
--"This is the first time I did an audio/manual method for CE's. I
learned more and retained more information. I'll order again!" Licensed Social Worker, SC
--"The course was extremely informative and
understandable." Registered Social Worker, LA
--"Very helpful for my job." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LA
--"Many positives: complete at home, relative low cost of course, and many selected readings." Licensed Social Worker, IL

NBCC LogoNBCC Provider Counselors say...
--"The CD was
most helpful. It required me to listen to this Continuing Education information." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, WY

--"Combination of CE audio and visual materials enhanced my continuing education learning. Format and content was excellent."
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, WA
--"I found the continuing education materials
very informative and the CE relevant." Licensed Professional Counselor, VA
--"Very clear continuing education and
to the point." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, VA
Thanks, I will continue accessing HomeStudyCredit.Com for my CE's!" Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MT
--"Particularly helpful in the light of 911. This CE course was of great
value personally as well as
professionally. Loved the compassion, satisfaction/fatigue self-test for helpers." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NV
--"Very interesting continuing education home study course, very informative.
Can't wait to share the information with my co-workers." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NV
enjoyed the CE course and found it helpful in my work." Licensed Professional Counselor, VA
--"This has been the clearest most informative and
thought-provoking CE course I have ever taken" Licensed Professional Counselor, WA
promptness in replying to my request is greatly appreciated." Licensed Professional Counselor, TX
--" I have found this continuing education material to be of excellent quality,
presented very well. I will most defiantly use in practice (already have!) Thank You. A great way to be my CE's" Licensed Professional Counselor and Social Worker, KS
Very organized, easy to follow and convenient, Thank You." Licensed Social Worker & Counselor, MD
Thank you for providing this continuing education service." Licensed Professional Counselor, AL
--"Interesting and
educational insights." Licensed Professional Counselor, AL
--"This continuing education study was
excellent!" Licensed Professional Counselor, SC
Speaker was clear and interesting." Licensed Mental Counselor, MN
--"Thought this a very informative and
useful continuing education audio course" Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MD
--"This is a great way to get continuing education CE's. I like the fact that I can use the materials
for future reference." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, FL
--"Very well organized.
I enjoyed it!" Licensed Professional Counselor, TX
--"I thought the course was well designed and well done!" Licensed Professional Counselor, WA
--"The checklists were very helpful." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, IL
--"Enjoyed the
various formats offered for instruction." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, SC

--"I like the weekly self monitoring chart and other reproducible sheets for clients." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, IN
--"This is an excellent home study course. I would
recommend it to anyone that is counseling individuals in an abusive relationship." Counselor, KY
--"Thank you! I
learned a lot about how to treat patients with anxiety disorders." Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, ID
--"Loved the mellow voice." Licensed Professional Counselor, TX
--"Very informative and enjoyable.
Will use techniques with my clients/patients." Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MA

APA Provider Psychologists say...
--"Perfect for experienced clinicians." Licensed Clinical Psychologist, WA
Simplistic but effective continuing education! Highly organized CE's, excellent for those individuals in a busy practice." Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MS
--"Excellent continuing education! Thank you! I
appreciate the flexibility of the CE format, the high caliber of the presentation and the organization of the CE material." Clinical Psychologist, WV
--"Well presented continuing education,
good format for getting my CE's." Clinical Psychologist, AK
--"This is
one of the best continuing education home courses I've taken! She was so thorough and concise. The answer booklet format was excellent. Thank you." Psychologist, PA
--"This was an excellent continuing education course.
Good audio examples." Psychologist, MD
would do another continuing education course the same way. Send me recent brochure please." Psychologist, WI
Easy to use, clear presentation of continuing education information. Thank You." Psychologist, PA
--"CD was
excellent!! Psychology, PA
--"CE Course was
educational and interesting." Psychologist, DC
--"Excellent presentation!
Thank you! Psychologist, TX
--"I liked the format and opportunity to learn
new techniques to deal with depression. I had never heard of some of them even though I'm an experienced therapist." Licensed Clinical Psychologist, OK
--"I especially
enjoyed the examples utilized in this CE course." Licensed Clinical Psychologist, TX
Definitely would recommend
this way of getting CE's to others!" Licensed Clinical Psychologist, TN
--"This was an effectoive,
worthwhile way to earn CE's." Licensed Clinical Psychologist, AR
--"Enjoyed this way of obtaining CE's. Examples were well chosen to
illustrate various boundary issues. Voice on CD's pleasant. Thanks for providing excellent material." Licensed Clinical Psychologist, OK
--"Excellent! Decided to follow-up with this course after taking a 3 credit Ethical Boundary course. Surprised at the
engaging nature
of this type of CE offered. I never tried before & will be sure to use again!" Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PA
Good topic for group questions and answer with audience participation or with group of therapists." Psychologist, DC
--"Very good material, thought provoking, also
good refresher
." Psychologist, TN
--"Excellent course.
Practical, organized, and helpful in therapeutic work." Psychologist, PA
--"This was an extremely practical and
course." Psychologist, PA
continuing education CD's - really found the course helpful and informative." Licensed Clinical Psychologist, KY

NBCC LogoMarriage and Family Therapists say...
--"Great way to earn Continuing Education CE's. I
enjoyed this course and learned from it. Thanks!" Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, NC
--"The continuing education material was great, i.e. audio CD, articles, exercises.
Perfect way to earn CE's." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, OK
--"I have tried other continuing education home study courses to earn CE's and
prefer your format and method over them. I plan to use your CE service again." Licensed Clinical Social Worker/ Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, TX
Enjoyed learning about HIPPA in this continuing education course." Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AASECT, TX
--"Enjoyable and
efficient way to learn and get CE's." Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, VA
--"Clearly stated and
helpful." Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, IN
--"Having the CD for a
second listening was very helpful." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MA
--"The audio
quality of the continuing education CD's were excellent" Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MN
--"First continuing education CE home-study course I have done. I enjoyed it and
appreciated not having to travel for my CE's." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, PA
--"This is my first time using this type of continuing education material and it was of a
higher quality CE than I had expected. Thank you!" Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, NC
--"Thanks, this continuing education home study course has
taught me about relationships. A great way to get my CE's." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AL
--"This was my first time doing a home study CE program. I really
listened and read; paid more
attention than if I was at a CE seminar." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, OH
--"I liked this continuing education course very much.
Probably my favorite
of all that I've taken." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, IN
--"The quality of this continuing education home study course content was excellent, of
high caliber, well organized and comprehensive of the CE subject matter. Thank you!" Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AZ
Very helpful; will use again for my continuing education licensure CE requirements." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, PA
--"This is my favorite home study course thus far; it is
very insightful
and practical. Very important for many people I know, personally and professionally." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, IN
--"Your clear presentation made this continuing education
information stick." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, OH
Very Good! I enjoyed the various case studies/examples and doing the CE's on my own time." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, NH
Great way to refresh and get updated CE information in the field, I liked the combination of CD and written continuing education material." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MN